For the offshore oil and gas industries, corrosion protection is vital to cost-effective performance. Capital assets can be destroyed by corrosion, often with serious consequences in terms of increased maintenance, loss of production, and possible environmental and safety hazards. Repairing corrosion damage is inevitably costly, but with WCS's expertise cost effective solutions can be engineered into the project from day one. Even where additional measures are required mid-life, our experience in retrofit systems for both sub-sea pipelines and structures provides the answer. In any corrosion problem, WCS provides the solution, blending engineering expertise with a well established range of products.

In addition to providing consultancy and engineering on South Eastern Europe or worldwide through our group network, we design, supply, install, supervise and service cathodic protection and monitoring equipment.

Our group resources include manufacturing centers in the UK, USA, Middle East, Singapore and Malaysia. We are the acknowledged industry leader and our reputation continues to grow.

Our varied corrosion protection systems can safeguard almost every type of vessel, structure, equipment and pipeline employed in the offshore industry - from oil and gas drilling platforms, deep water structures and semi-submersibles. FSPOs and SBMs, to sub-sea pipelines, well-heads, spools, drilling templates, protection frames, pump caissons and much more.

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The Aquamatic®

Impressed Current Cathodic Protection System

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Anfomatic System (MGPS)

Electrolytic Antifouling System