It is well known that capital assets can be seriously affected by the adverse consequences of corrosion. Roughening of hull surfaces causes increased drag and leads to excessive fuel consumption. Corrosion can also lead to weld grooving, which requires expensive and time-consuming repairs in dry-dock. Corrosion of structural members in tanks can jeopardize the integrity of a ship's structure. Repairing corrosion damage is inevitably costly, involving substantial steel renewal. Delays while vessels are out of commission take the cost of corrosion even higher. By comparison, cost of prevention by cathodic protection is modest.

In the field of marine corrosion protection, Wilson Walton UK (today a Corrpro subsidiary), has been the acknowledged world leader for over 30 years. Its vast engineering expertise, together with the Wilson Walton range of branded products, provides the firm foundation on which WCS's marine cathodic protection division has been built.Our Marine Division provides corrosion protection solutions for every type of vessel, from small inshore pleasure craft, through fishing boats, ferries and dredgers to bulk carriers, tankers, cruise liners and warships. We can offer both impressed current and galvanic anode systems. Electrolytic Anti-fouling for seawater cooling systems is one of the latest advances in the field of marine growth prevention.In addition to providing consultancy and engineering on South Eastern Europe or worldwide through our group network, we design, install, supervise service cathodic protection and monitoring equipment. Supplying virtually every major shipyard and shipping company worldwide. Over 8000 vessels are currently protected by Wilson Walton systems. Apart from the above our company manufactures in Greece the full range of Wilson Walton marine sacrificial anodes. In addition we can offer a variety of Wilson Walton branded products, available from our group manufacturing centers in the USA, UAE, Bahrain, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea and China.

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The Aquamatic®

Impressed Current Cathodic Protection System

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Anfomatic System (MGPS)

Electrolytic Antifouling System