The lack of free oxygen in the electrolyte adjacent to a metal structure


The electrode through which direct current enters an electrolyte.

cantilever anode
An anode formed and supported as a cantilever.

NOTE. This type of anode is used particularly for the impressed current protection of the inner surfaces of containers for liquids.

continuous anode
A long flexible anode

sacrificial anode
An anode used to protect a structure by galvanic action

NOTE. Previously termed "galvanic anode" OR "reactive anode"

anode backfill
A low-resistance moisture-retaining material immediately surrounding a buries anode for the purpose of decreasing the effective resistance of the anode to the soil.

anodic area
That part of a metal surface which acts as an anode.

blistering(of paint film)
The formation of swellings on the surfaace of an unbroken paint film by moisture, gases, or the development of corrosion products between the metal and the paint film

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